Good afternoon everyone, hope you are all well? You may remember in last weeks post I was considering using the DE BELLIS NAPOLEONICIS (DBN) rules to allow me to play small and quick games in-between the larger games that i’ve got planned.

Well, I’ve decided that I want to give the ruleset a try, but before I commit to the expense of more figures, bases, scenery etc etc I wanted to playtest the rules before committing.

I decided therefore that I’ll find a scenario, and make up some markers out of card or similar to represent the troops using the “standard” DBA basing sizes. The DBN website has a free scenario for Barossa 1811 on their website which is available to download on the link below

Map showing the Battle of Barrosa

You can find out more about the Battle of Barossa on the link below

Battle of Barrosa

As part of my quest to find suitable card markers to represent the two armies, I visited the website “Junior General” which has an absolutely huge range of PAPER soldiers that you can download for free and cut out – they have a wide range for the Napoleonic Wars and so I decided to give them a go

Sheets of paper soldiers
Two units of Spanish Line Infantry

For the purposes of this simple test game, I decided to mount each individual nation on coloured card, to make them easier to identify on the battlefield – British in red, Spanish in yellow and the French in Blue

British Guard Infantry
British Foot Artillery

Whilst I appreciate that this kind of thing isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, its certainly a quick and cheap way to get two armies together for a quick wargame, if nothing else. These particular paper figures are about 6mm in scale and will fit nicely with the 6mm Spanish buildings that i’ve got in my collection.

British 95th Rifles, Light Infantry and Line Infantry Battalions
The Spanish force for the Battle. Infantry and Cavalry behind

These paper figures are also a very good idea if, like me, you want to try out a new ruleset and don’t want to buy / paint hundreds of figures only to find out that you don’t like or enjoy the rules.

Allied forces at Barossa

You could also use these paper soldiers to dive into conflicts that you’ve often considered, but haven’t had the resources to get involved in. All in all, I think they are kinda fun and of course, you could make a lot more effort with cutting the figures out and basing them than I did. My basic attempts are literally for a quick test game.

The French forces for the Battle
British and French Forces

The website to find these soldiers and more is available on the link below

Stay tuned for my next post which should be me refighting Barossa using the DBN rules, with paper soldiers!

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  1. I like Junior General – their rules mostly these days as I’ve graduated to Peter Dennis’ amazing Paperboys, but they have an almost overwhelming variety of figures. Their black powder rules are easy to play and adjust.


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