DBN – your views please?

Afternoon all, just a quick post from me this evening – i’ve been thinking about giving the DBN (DE BELLIS NAPOLEONICIS) rules a run out as a stop-gap in between painting huge armies for my General D’Armee and wargames club rules, and i’d like to know everyones opinions on the ruleset?

I downloaded a free copy of the rules, just to give me a flavour (available on the link below)

*link removed as the owner of the copyright doesn’t wish for me to share the link to the PDF which is available on Google*

So my understanding of the rules is that depending on which battle you wish to fight, a “base” of troops can either represent a battalion or, more normally, a brigade of troops (up to 2000 – 2500 infantrymen)

The idea being that big battles can be fought in a small space – so far, so good – will avoid me buying hundreds of thousands of troops to refight some battles

I’ve done a few test bases (ignore the plain card and the random selection of figures!!) just to see if i’ve understood the basing right – the standard game base is 40mm x 20mm with 4 figures, and if you want a bigger unit you can go 40mm x 25mm and have 8 figures – is that correct?

A “standard” size DBN unit
A large DBN base
Could you do it in 6mm? Maybe

My plan is to use DBN to do battles that may otherwise be unachievable due to their size, or some campaigns that are, on the face of it too random to invest heavily (given my main focus is in the Peninsular) – for example, the Vendee, Irish Rebellion, War of 1812 and the British invasion of Denmark in 1808. The ruleset also seems ideal for games at the wargames club when I can’t stay all evening.

OOB for the Battle of Barossa 1811

So, my question to all of you is this – do you play DBN? Do you enjoy the rules? How do you base your figures? Do you have any tips for a new player?

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