15mm / 18mm figure size comparison

Afternoon all, this week’s blog tackles (or attempts to tackle) the question that I get asked on an almost weekly basis – namely something along the lines of “how do figures X and Y compare in size?” or “can you mix figures D and E in the same unit?”

Now, before we start, I want to make clear that I don’t have every single manufacturer of Napoleonic figures that are out there – there’ll be some notable ranges missing. I don’t have any Essex or Campaign Game Miniatures for example. I’m not endorsing or not endorsing any particular brand – there’s just some brands that I don’t have.

I’ve also not faffed about measuring unpainted figures from their base to their eyes or any of that nonsense. This is literally a comparison of how they look, side by side on the table. So here goes…

First up I’m going to do French Infantry – I figure that every Napoleonic gamer will have some of these somewhere.

French Infantry (L to R) Purple – Old Glory 15s, Sky Blue – AB, Green – Xan, Orange – Blue Moon, Red – Stonewall
Closer image (L to R) AB, Xan, Blue Moon, Stonewall
L to R – AB, Xan, Blue Moon
L to R – Old Glory, AB, Xan

Then I thought I’d compare Artillery and Cavalry – a lot less choice here I’m afraid

L to R – Stonewall, Blue Moon, AB
L to R – AB, Battle Honours, Stonewall

Finally, a comparison of manufacturers suitable for Spanish Napoleonic Infantry, which as you know is my biggest collection

L to R – Stonewall, QH Miniatures, Battle Honours, AB, Xan, QH Miniatures, Blue Moon
L to R – Stonewall, QH Miniatures, Battle Honours, AB
L to R – AB, Xan, QH Miniatures, Blue Moon
L to R – Battle Honours, AB, Xan
L to R Stonewall, QH Miniatures, Battle Honours

Finally, I know you’ll ask, how do they all mix together in the same units? Now there’s some manufacturers I haven’t mixed, and some I have so the photos below will hopefully prove useful

L to R – Brown coats – x2 Stonewall Militia lead by a Xan officer. White coats (L to R) AB, Stonewall, Battle Honours
Two Battle Honours Infantry and a Stonewall Officer
Mixed unit of Stonewall (pink) and Battle Honours (Yellow)

As I’ve said, there’s plenty of ranges missing – if you have any suggestions about what may (or may not) fit alongside these ranges, then let me know!!

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  1. are you using the names OG15 and Battle Honors as the same thing? My thought was that the OG15 line is truer to 15mm size while the Battle Honor (AB sculpted) is closer to 18mm size. Not that it matters a whole bunch as your photos show.


  2. I find this sort of post immensely valuable. I’ve just started on French (OG – I’m poor!) but I’d love to gradually add other manufacturers’ ranges too. I can accept some variation in figures (people vary) and these all seem remarkably compatible, at least when looking at them on my phone. From the photo even the horses look pretty compatible. Artillery I think I’ll stick to one manufacturer because gun sizes should be standard.


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