Latest additions to my Peninsular War Armies

Good afternoon all, this is a nice and simple post this week, as I’m merely showing you the latest additions to my 18mm Peninsular War Armies

First up are two battalions of Spanish Light Infantry in their blue 1805 style uniform

Next we have a unit of Spanish regular line Infantry in white uniforms, suitable for the M1805 pattern uniforms for line Infantry

Next up we have a unit of Spanish Dragoons in the M1805 pattern yellow cavalry uniforms. Writing this whilst consulting my reference books, I note that the bicorn should have a white edge so I will add that in later

The next unit is a mix and match of swarthy mounted types intended to represent an irregular cavalry unit or guerrillas

Last but not least, I’ve added some more Artillery to my French forces

All figures, bar one or two individuals are from Stonewall Figures. All uniform references are taken from my copy of Cronin and Summerfields excellent books about the Spanish Army in the Peninsular War, available on the link below

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  1. Very good James and thanks for showing the books – wish I’d had them doing my Spanish armies in the late 1980s! Why have you chosen a blue for the cazadores so much brighter than it should be? A coat of Army Painter Quickshade Strong Tone might help them look smarter and less garish. :-). Keep up the excellent work represeting a proper full Spanish Army – it takes some courage for a wargamer!


  2. It appears you have quite a sizeable Spanish army. I’ve put an end to adding any more units to my army as I had plenty and many time the Spanish did not field large armies and so it would be pointless. Are you building up the numbers for the sake of collecting or are you working toward something like Ocana?


    1. Hey Gary, I’m getting about 5-6 more units then calling a halt to proceedings. I want some Irish and some more units of peasants then I think I’m done. Four of the Swiss units I’ve done are for the French side when I refight Bailen.


  3. A superb collection and thanks for sharing your progress on TMP.
    Re the Spanish Uniform Books do they cover the late war period 1811-181?. Before I commit to purchasing it I want to be sure that it covers this period for Eastern Peninsular battles such as Castalla. Your advice is appreciated.


      1. Thanks James. This will save me some money as I was sorely tempted re the reputation of Dr Summerfield.
        From the two volumes, do you have an indication that there are forthcoming books on the later half of the war?


  4. I have not been trolling blogs for a while – very nice stuff James – very nice collection of Spanish!


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