Spanish wargame buildings for my Peninsular Games

Afternoon all. This week’s blog post is intended to show you what I’ve been up to the last few weeks – namely collecting buildings that are suitable for Spain.

First up are these pre-painted Spanish buildings that I got from Pendraken in the UK. They are made in Spain by a company called ESCENOGRAFIA EPSILON and are 10mm scale (I scale all of my buildings down a scale)

This is how the buildings arrive and I’ve not done anything extra to them. There is also a windmill in the range, but apparently that’s like hens teeth as it’s always out of stock. These buildings are just under £10 each.

Not bad little buildings. They do the trick and saved me some hassle of painting them. You can find these buildings on the link below


Next up are three Spanish Buildings that I purchased from a company called Battlescale, again in the UK

These guys do a lot of different terrain and scenics, specifically for wargamers. The buildings come unpainted, and range in price between £4.50 (for the small building) and £6.00 for the other two

I believe that these buildings are made from resin, as they are quite heavy. All buildings were painted by me.

Last but not least are a range of 3D printed buildings that I purchased off eBay from seller wmanns11

Again, these buildings come unpainted, at a cost of approximately £16 for 5 buildings.

These buildings are hollow inside, and are made of a light plastic. All of the buildings you see have been painted by me

I’d be interested to hear your opinion on war-games buildings that are suitable for the Spanish Peninsular and your experience of painting them -which buildings do you find the best value for money?

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  1. A very good looking set James and should see you through many games. One tip – look at car boot sales and charity shops for little china model buildings that folks bought as souvenirs from Ibiza etc and ended up giving away when the enthusiasm died. Usually small, cheap and easily repaintable. Cheapskate me has watering eyes at the prices you have to pay for “hassle free” terrain and years ago I made a little Spanish village from foam board and corrugated cardboard as shown in this 2013 blogpost.


      1. Thanks James. Basically plot out a few walls on paper as templates then produce multiple versions in foam board or thick card and stick them together in varied ways to produce different buildings. I used a combination of doors and windows from a plastic vac-formed sheet and also downloaded from the internet to print for use with card buildings – useful for Spanish window shutters and the ornate church decoration.


  2. The buildings all look great. I was particularly impressed with the Pendraken ones! I bought a Spanish Ville from Mark Allen; I paid a huge sum but wouldn’t part with it. The EBay set is great too and 10mm is definately the way forward unless you are skirmishing?


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