More units for Bailen…

Evening all, a late post this week as once again i’ve had a busy weekend. As you may know, I’m planning on a solo-refight of the Battle of Evora when I get time, but at the war-games club we are planning on refighting Bailen on the 18th July 2021.

To that end, we need more troops and so the painting gears are grinding and various members of the club are contributing the missing units, either from their existing collections or from new.

First up, and in absolutely no time at all, AH has contributed the French Imperial Guard Marines

AH French Marines

Almost as soon as we said “Bailen” he had volunteered to paint the Imperial Guard Marines from scratch and bam, here they are. Great work AH – they look fantastic.

AH French Marines

Another volunteer, IS has offered to paint the Garde Du Paris (2 Battalions) but was waiting for the figures to arrive from his chosen manufacturer – so will post those up nearer the time.

My first contribution for the Bailen project is four battalions of Reding-Preux infantry that had been pressed into service with the French for the battle (technically they’d volunteered when the French captured Madrid). These are essentially “Spanish” troops fighting on the French side

Swiss Infantry Battalion 1
Swiss Infantry Battalion 2

The first two battalions i’ve painted as Preux Infantry and the remaining two will be Reding Infantry (slightly different collar colours).

Flags to follow shortly – I want to order flags from Adolfo Ramos but I have to order 8.50 EUR worth as a minimum order, so deciding what other flags to purchase.

The figures here are Battle Honours Spanish that I purchased from Ebor Miniatures. Not bad value at £15 for 30 figures.

Battle Honours sculpts from Ebor Miniatures

The figures are obviously AB quality sculpts at a lower price (Battle Honours being sculpted by Antony Barton before he formed AB). I primed these figures with dark blue spray primer, and used a lot of wash – I needed them ready comparatively quickly. I could have painted white trousers, but that would have increased painting time.

Swiss Infantry from Ebor Miniatures

There’s also a requirement for a number of battalions of Spanish Line infantry to bulk out the Spanish forces, and for these, i’ve gone with Stonewall Figures pre-painted battalion packs.

Spanish Line Infantry

At £19 a time for 24 figures, these packs are a steal and are great for bulking out your armies quickly. I have two battalions here all based and ready to go, and i’ve got another four in a box waiting to be based, along with two units of cavalry (photos WILL follow)

Stonewall figures Spanish Line Infantry
Stonewall Figures pre-painted battalion packs

All in all, it’s full steam ahead towards the next battle, Bailen….

Swiss Infantry defend a small village

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  1. Terrific James!
    Congratulations to you and the team for getting a fine set of figures and units together for the up coming battle. I particularly love the French Marines! Keep on trucking and keep on posting!
    All the best. Kevin

    Liked by 1 person

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