Latest units for Evora and Bailen..

Evening all. Another public holiday here in the UK and I’ve been busy doing some painting for my next few wargames.

I’m planning a solo refight of the Battle of Evora one weekend in the not to distant future – probably in 2 weeks time. I need a small battle that will be over in a few hours – for this battle I also needed some Portuguese units….

First up, this Portuguese Infantry battalion is a ready painted battalion pack from Stonewall Figures – priced at 19.00 GBP per pack. All I’ve done here is base up the figures and add a flag from the excellent Warflag Website

Portuguese Line Infantry

Next up, I’ve painted a unit of Portuguese “volunteers”, the recruits have come from my “spares” box and for some reason I had 25 Portuguese Infantry figures from the unit above instead of 24, so he was recruited too. I wanted these guys to appear like they’d not had a complete uniform issue yet so they are dressed in mainly white undershirts with the round hat which was common in Iberia at this time. A couple are only armed with pikes.

Portuguese “Volunteers”

Figures are nearly all from Stonewall Figures apart from the standard bearer who is a British Officer from Blue Moon. All painted by me and the flag is once more from Warflag.

I’ve also painted some Portuguese Cazadores, which are a mix of manufacturers. Again, there’s some from Stonewall in there and the rest are from QH Miniatures in Spain.

Portuguese Cacadores

To mix it up a bit, for the unit above I also did a “Spanish” command stand with some more spares that I had kicking about. This is because I need some more Spanish units for our next refight at the wargames club, which is going to be the Battle of Bailen.

Spanish Version of the Volunteers

Finally…. I’ve based up another Spanish Infantry unit which is about 85% figures from another Stonewall Figures ready painted pack (19.00 GBP each) the rest of the unit are more chaps in round hats from my spares box. I painted a few different coloured trousers onto these guys to give them more of an irregular appearance.

Spanish Line Infantry Battalion

Bailen will probably be refought in about 2 months time and I’ve got four units of Swiss Infantry to paint up for that battle, so stay tuned for the pictures of those too.

Next week’s post is expected to be an overview of the Battle of Evora and the scenario briefing for my Solo Wargame.

I’m also 50/50 on an idea that involves doing an accompanying blog post for each of my wargames featuring some local food or wine from the associated regions – would this be something that people are interested in? Let me know in the comments below.

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