The Lockdown Vistula Legion!

Good afternoon guys, I hope that you are all having a great weekend? You may recall that in a previous blog post I mentioned that one of the members from my local wargame club had been using her time during the UK lockdown VERY wisely and has managed to paint up the entire Vistula Legion?

CAs Lockdown Vistula Legion

Well, you don’t have to wait any longer – after not much persuasion she decided to loan me the Vistula Legion for a weekend so they can have their own blog post, to show you all what real lockdown productivity looks like!

Vistula Legion Foot Artillery

You’ll also note that I have a new photographic background – so please leave us both some feedback in the comments section about the Legion and the background.

Vistula Legion Horse Artillery

CA’s collection consists of 6 battalions of infantry, 2 batteries of artillery (foot and horse), two units of hussars and of course, two units of the famous Polish Lancers along with numerous command figures and staff

Vistula Legion Command
Vistula Legion Generals

The Vistula Legion was perhaps the most famous of the many foreign units in French service under Napoleon. Formed in Silesia in February 1807 from an infantry regiment and cavalry regiment in the service of the Kingdom of Naples, it was initially named the Legion Polacco-Italienne (Polish-Italian Legion) as it had been organised around the Poles in Italian service.

Vistula Legion Hussars
Second unit of Vistula Legion Hussars
The famous Vistula Legion Lancers
The scourge of Albuera!!
Vistula Legion Cavalry

Renamed the Legion de la Vistula (Vistula Legion) in March 1808, it became three infantry regiments, each of two battalions, with each battalion having six companies of 140 men (one grenadier company, one voltigeur, and four Fusiliers), plus a Lancer regiment of 1,000 men in four squadrons.

Six battalions of Vistula Legion Infantry

The Vistula Legion was sent to Spain in June 1808 where it fought in numerous actions, the most celebrated of which was at Albuera in 1810, when the lancer regiment rode down a British infantry brigade, destroying three out of the four British battalions in only four minutes of slaughter.

Vistula Legion Infantry
CAs Vistula Legion Infantry

The purpose of this post is to showcase CA’s troops, but should you wish you can find out more about the Vistula Legion on the following links

Click to access Vistula-Legion.pdf

Please feel free to add any links or reference material about the Vistula Legion that you’d recommend in the comments section below

Vistula Legion

The figures that CA has used are all 15mm figures from the Old Glory Miniatures range, available here in the UK from Timecast Miniatures who you can visit on the link below

For our US friends, I believe they are available direct from Old Glory on the following link

I’m sure you’ll all agree, this has been a fantastic lockdown effort getting so many units finished, and they make a superb present for CA on her “milestone” birthday – they will be the scourge of many an opponent down at the war-games club for years to come.

You can find out more details about our war-games club on the link below – new members are always welcome

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  1. Congratulations to CA, a great choice and a very pretty army. Yes your backgrounds set them off beautifully.


  2. Wonderful job!… With the battalion comprised of 6 companies, why did you opt for only 4 bases? I love the larger 32 figure battalions (i play GdB 1:20) and all my battalions are in 5 main bases for compaines 1-4+Grenadiers, then I split the 6th base in half for the Light compaines. the quality of your brush work just screams to have the full 6 base battalions.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Great to see the legion all together again after more than 2 centuries! Well done CA. Terrific sight in such a nice environment. Good photos James. Cheers. Kevin


  4. Thank you James for all your hard work. They look fantastic against the back ground. You have made them look so real.


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