Orders of Battle for Medina De Rioseco

Afternoon all! Not long now until I finally have a game refighting the Battle of Medina De Rioseco in 1808.

I’ve spent most of the afternoon preparing forces for the refight this weekend. All the forces are divided up in their boxes and ready to go.

My office with the various armies boxed up and ready for the refight
Battalion of Clavijo 
(Third Volunteers of Leon) 
Battle of Medina de Rioseco 
French Chasseurs a Cheval at Medina De Rioseco

I also realised that the Spanish could have done with one or two extra skirmish bases so I rushed some out this afternoon from my spares box and I don’t think they look too bad. What do you think?

Some Spanish Skirmishers, recruited from the spares box
More Spanish Skirmishers recruited from the spares box
Spanish Grenadiers at Medina De Rioseco
Map of the Battle

The Order of Battle that I’ve been using is from the ESR Campaign Guide, “To assure my dynasty” from the Wargames Company


This is the first edition and they’ve recently released a 2nd edition which you can buy from Caliver Books in the UK – it looks good, and I will get it when I have the time.

The Order of Battle we will be using is available on the link below – the ratings used are for our in-house Napoleonic wargames rules. As a general rule, a 6 is the best rating you can get.

There are some other Orders of Battle out there which show a slight variation in the unit lists – I’ve listed a few below for those who are interested

French 15th Line Infantry Regiment at Medina De Rioseco

Credit – most, if not all of the artwork featured on this page is from talented artist Dionisio Álvarez Cueto who can be contacted via email on the link below should you wish to buy any of his art


Spanish Combined Grenadiers capture French cannon at Medina De Rioseco

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