Medina De Rioseco – the Maps

As it’s a bank holiday weekend, I normally try to get one or two posts up, and this post is certainly more of a reference post than a massed figures post.

I have confirmed with the chaps at the war-games club that we will be giving the Battle of Medina De Rioseco a run out on 16th May 2021 so i’ve decided to check out some maps of the battle, using my various books and other internet sources.

The only deviation we may have from the original OOB is we may replace the Imperial Guard units with some Vistula Legion units so a fellow club member can get their new units onto the table

Game Board taken from the Board based Wargame Eagles of the Empire

In the run up to the battle, i’m intending to post a little bit more about the battle itself, the Orders of Battle and an overview of the commanders who led both the Spanish and the French forces.

One of the key topographical features of the battle is a considerable hill / elevation in the centre, which was the main area of the Spanish deployment, which will need to be replicated during the wargame.

Excellent map taken from my copy of the Peninsular War Atlas by Colonel Nick Lipscombe
Another Map from the Peninsular War Atlas
Map taken from my copy of “The Spanish Ulcer” by David Gates
A map of Medina De Rioseco taken from my copy of the excellent Campaign Guide “To Assure my Dynasty” by The Wargaming Company

Whilst I have to admit that I like a good military map, one additional thing i’ve been doing a lot recently for my wargaming is trying to identify the battlefield on google maps, which is very useful when trying to work out elevations and distances.

I will spend the next few days taking a closer look at these maps to decide how best to lay out the table and represent these interesting terrain features. Should be a good game.

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  1. Well done for getting all your map sources together – you need a sand table to do the contours justice. I think I only had The Spanish Ulcer and a few other simple accounts to go on when I did this one about 20 years ago (pre-internet). Outdoor game on 16th May – or you would be allowed indoors on 17th?


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