18mm Painted Infantry Battalions – Only 19.00 GBP

Good afternoon all.

Following on from our first “post-lockdown” wargame of the year, I decided that I wanted to add a few more units to my Spanish and French Peninsular armies.

Once again i’ve obtained some additional “ready painted” units from the Stonewall figures range of “painted Battalion packs”


French Infantry Battalion

These figures are an absolute bargain at only 19.00 GBP per unit of 24 infantry figures, or 12 cavalry figures, working out at less than 0.79 GBP per infantry figure. Artillery pieces are 6 GBP per gun and 4 crew figures.

You can see an example of the cavalry figures on the link below


Spanish Infantry Battalion

Now, its important to realise that these figures don’t come based, and that you don’t get a choice of what colour uniform / facings etc they turn up in – it’s just pot luck what you get. Obviously, this is less of an issue for say, the French where the uniform is pretty consistent in style and colour.

On this occasion I got Spanish infantry in White uniforms with Red facings and another battalion in Blue facings. I also got a battalion in the Blue 1802 pattern uniform, with black facings edged red.

Personally, I think its better that these figures come un-based, as that way you can base them in your usual style to match the rest of your army.

Spanish Infantry Battalion

I normally like to highlight a few areas when I receive these figures – I highlight bayonets, plumes and faces, and apply a quick black wash to the hats – you don’t have to, but this is just my personal preference

I purchased 3 battalions of Spanish infantry, and 1 battalion of French infantry (I still have another battalion to base up)

I also got some random Spanish Generals thrown in, which I assumed were an additional gift from the company for making a comparatively large order.

Spanish Infantry and Generals

Personally, I think these units are a great way to grow your army quickly and inexpensively, and they are brilliant for those wargamers amongst us who don’t want to paint their own figures, or are struggling to do so as age catches up with them.

All in all, well worth 19.00 GBP in my opinion.

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  1. Great bargains James and your highlighting does make a good difference. Totally agree with you on doing your own basing. Chris


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