First Post-lockdown Wargame

Afternoon all, with the easing of lockdown restrictions in the UK, I managed to get together with a few guys from the war-games club and partake of a Napoleonic Wargame.

Given the nature of the restrictions at the moment, the game had to be held outside in someones garden, and involve no more than 6 players. Invariably someone forgot to bring the scenery too, but fortunately I had a few trees and buildings in my boxes.

The battle was a Peninsular game, and I took charge of my own French troops and faced off against TC, who was using my own Spanish troops against me in the centre of the battlefield.

Some British infantry also made an appearance on the field for the first time, and formed up on the allied right flank.

One member of the club CA, had evidently been using her time during lockdown wisely, bringing along her brand new Vistula legion, consisting of 6 battalions of infantry, 4 units of cavalry, horse and foot artillery and command.

CAs Vistula Legion

It was explained to us all that the Vistula Legion were a gift for a “milestone” birthday, which had been painted by CA during lockdown, but being gentlemen, we knew not to enquire further

As for the game itself, the sheer weight of Spanish in the centre, aggressively handled by TC was slowly wearing down and pushing back the French Centre, whilst the allied left battled hard against the Vistula Legion.

The French Left was in a stand-off with the British troops on the allied right flank for most of the game, with a small village on the flank being hotly contested by both sides.

All in all, it was good to “get back in the saddle” and to play a game against real people after being in lockdown for so long. We’ve been scouring our research books to find more battles involving the Vistula Legion, and we’ve picked a cracker, so stay tuned.

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  1. Well done James. What a lot of units you have between you now. One observation – are you just lacking limbers for the guns or is that deliberate? it is a shame to try to do without them for movement.


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