28mm Premium Napoleonic Painting

Good evening everyone, I hope that you are all well.

I just thought i’d take some time out to share some photos of the excellent commission work that my good friend Kevin East has been undertaking recently.

Command Stand painted by Kevin East

Kevin has been a wargamer for many years now, and specialises in 28mm Napoleonic Miniatures, and he has a particular love of Perry Miniatures, and it is often joked that Kevin has singlehandedly helped the Perry Twins to raise their children and put them through university.

Kevin can also prepare flags for your units on request

Kevin is also happy to undertake commissions on buildings and other scenic items, should you wish for him to do so.

Kevin can excellently recreate period buildings for your tabletop

Kevin currently offers his expert painting services to Napoleonic connoisseurs and discerning private collectors alike, as well as those wargamers who are looking for that one off special unit for their tabletop.

Kevin is typically understated when it comes to talking about his painting skills, and modestly believes that there are many better painters of 28mm miniatures out there, who’s work deserves to be recognised more than his.

If you are interested in commissioning Kevin and his paintbrush, you can contact him via email (which to avoid spam bots is included in the downloadable word document below)

Kevins current prices start at £12 GBP per figure, which does not include the basic figure cost, flags or basing.

I’ve been very fortunate in that i’ve attended many a wargame with Kevin’s beautifully painted figures on the tabletop, and can assure you they look even better on the table, in action.

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  1. Agree with all of the above regarding Kevin’s talent. One of the best painters that I’ve ever come across. His attention to detail is astonishing and the final results are a joy to behold.


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