Italian Napoleonics and Spanish buildings in 6mm scale!

Good afternoon all. As promised last week I have decided to post up some more pictures of my 6mm Napoleonic Italians, as well as some Spanish buildings in 6mm scale as part of my overall Peninsular project.

Italian Infantry battalion in the Spanish Village

All buildings in this post were purchased on ebay, ready painted from seller nikkoolsen who’s ebay page can be found on the link below

Two battalions of Italian Infantry outside a Spanish Village

All Miniatures in this post are from Irregular Miniatures 6mm range, which can be found on the link below

As I have fairly large 18mm French and Spanish armies, the 6mm project is intended to fill the gaps, with any battles that involve other nations i.e Italy, Britain, Portugal etc being done in 6mm. The 6mm battles will also cover those clashes that require additional or bespoke terrain items such as castles or gunboats. As we all know these items can be expensive in 18mm and also take up a lot of space.

6mm Scale Castle
6mm Scale Castle and Italian Infantry

The Italian Infantry are all from Irregular Miniatures, and are their French Infantry range, with white uniforms

6mm Italian Napoleonic Infantry
Another battalion of 6mm Infantry
6mm Skirmish Units

The building turnaround was very quick – I asked for the Spanish Village as I didn’t bid on, or win them in an auction, but they arrived within days despite being painted on request

6mm Skirmishers and a Spanish Church
Napoleonic Infantry in 6mm scale from Irregular Miniatures

There’s a few more battalions to do before this particular battle is ready, but I’m pleased with what I’ve done so far.

Italian Infantry battalion and two Spanish Windmills.

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  1. All very nice James. I admire your philosophy of “filing the gaps” with a different scale. In the fullness of time you will have expanded your armies sufficiently to fight a campaign with big battles in 6mm and smaller skirmishes using the 18mm figures.


  2. All looking very good James. Loving the scale of the buildings to figures as they work very well together. Nice looking variety of selection too. I always find striking a happy balance between building and figure difficult to achieve in 28mm. You’re going to have an exciting Peninsula campaign that’s for sure!!!
    All the best.


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