18mm French Napoleonic Army

Evening all, finally its the weekend again so I thought that this time I’d show you my 18mm French Napoleonic Army.

For those of you who missed it last week, I showed my entire Spanish Napoleonic Army. You can see the photos on the link below


18mm French Napoleonic Army

As you can see, my French Napoleonic army consists of 5 units of cavalry, 25 battalions of Infantry, 2 batteries of Artillery, 34 skirmish bases, 31 brigade Commanders / ADCs, 2 Division Commanders and 1 Corps / Army Commander.

The OOB is based on Bessieres Corps at Medina De Rioseco with one or two extra units (some Dragoons and imperial guard) added into the mix

The figures are all a mix of various manufacturers including AB, Blue Moon, Xan and Stonewall Figures.

At some point I’m hoping to refight the Battle of Medina De Rioseco using the General D’Armee rules and these figures.

Have a great weekend guys and thanks for checking out my blog.

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  1. They look absolutely wonderful James, and very efficient. I don’t much fancy the chances of the Spanish facing them.


  2. Just like your spanish, you have a great looking collection there James. Well done that man! I see you still need to acquire a couple of artillery limber teams?


  3. Very Nice – High quality… and prolific output!!! i used to be able to manage one of those parameters, but never both! Lovely to see James… cheers Paul

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