18mm Spanish Napoleonic Army

Afternoon all, I thought I’d post up some pictures of my 18mm Spanish Napoleonic Army this evening. I was planning to add to my 6mm Mysore Army this weekend, but a certain junior General in the household decided they didn’t want an afternoon nap on either Saturday or Sunday…. So here we are

This army is based on the composition of the Spanish army at the Battle of Medina De Rioseco, but the units are not necessarily accurate representations of the units present at the Battle

Total compliment for the Spanish Army I’ve collected is 4 / 5 units of cavalry, 3 batteries of Artillery, 30 battalions of Infantry, 19 bases of skirmishers, 2 army Commanders, 2 Corps Commanders, 24 brigade Commanders / ADCs and 4 limbers

Stay tuned for next week when I show you the French forces I’ve collected for my 18mm battles.

Photos of Spanish Dragoons taken by my wife – https://www.instagram.com/alexandraphotography8711/?hl=en

At least a certain junior General is showing an interest at a young age!!

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  1. Absolutely wonderful James. You should be very proud indeed of what you have achieved so far – and in the face of General Junior trying to thwart your plans! Hope I will get to play with or against them one day. However, seeing them all lined up so organised makes me think that, given the Spanish historical record, you now need some units of “running away ” figures!! cheers Chris


  2. Grrrrrrrreat looking collection of figures there James! Very impressive. All achieved in a remarkably quick time too. Let’s hope the Covid road map to easing restrictions will give us the opportunity to use them in anger against each other. See you on the battlefield someday!

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