Wellington in India – Mysore Troops in 6mm

Evening all, just a quick post this weekend. After last weeks solo battle in 15mm scale, we’ve swapped back to my 6mm Wellington in India project as some of my Mysore Troops arrived.

All figures are 6mm figures from Irregular Miniatures.


Mysore Infantry from Irregular Miniatures. The figures are a mix from the Wellington in India range and The Dark Ages range

For some reason, I was in a painting mood this weekend and so I managed to complete 5 units and was pleased with the results and the quantity that I managed to paint

Indian Spearmen from Irregular Miniatures Dark Ages range, intended to be used to represent local levies

I painted two units of spearmen, which I’m intending to use as local Levy and irregular troops

Another photo of the local Levy

I also painted two bases of matchlock men, which I’m intending to use as irregular Infantry. The Indian Armies had large numbers of matchlock armed troops as well as troops armed with flintlocks. Its said that the matchlock armed troops had a greater level of accuracy than those armed with flintlocks.

Two bases of Indian Matchlock Men from the irregular miniatures Wellington in India range
Indian Matchlock men

As you can see these guys are in white tunics with purple turbans and black crossbelts

Finally, I painted one unit of Mysore regular line Infantry, trained and drilled to European standards.

Mysore Sepoys from the Irregular Miniatures Wellington in India range

In real life, these guys had a complex tunic that could be purple, pink or other colours, spotted or striped in white, like a tiger. I didn’t fancy that at 6mm scale though so these guys are just in plain purple tunics

Unit of Mysore Sepoys from Irregular Miniatures
Mysore Sepoys supported by Mysore Matchlock men

If I manage to churn out 5 or 6 units a weekend, I should be ready for my first battle on the Indian Subcontinent in no time at all!

Mysore Army

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  1. I’ve often fancied doing Wellington In India and your blog posts have inspired me to start a Mysorean force of my own.I know its cheeky to ask but can you remember the figure coulnt spcode in Irreg’s Dark Ages range that you used for the levies? Unfortunately I couldnt spot them on the web catalogue


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