AAR – Battle of Ponte Segura 1808 – PART 3

Welcome back guys… Onward..

Turn 5

Again the French win the initiative and have 3 available ADCs out of 4. An Infantry assault order is placed on the 1st Brigade and they are tasked with assaulting the village of Ponte Segura. They obey orders and advance within firing range of the nearest enemy. However Brigades 2 and 3 become hesitant! Firing breaks out across the line, with some unfortunate Swiss skirmishers being ambushed by Guerrillas as they looked for a way to cross the river. The Spanish Militia take their first casualties from French skirmishers

Exchange of fire between French skirmishers and Spanish Militia inflict additional casualties
Swiss voltiguers killed by Spanish Guerrillas

Turn 6

The Spanish win the initiative, and roll for 2 ADCs. Their general, sensing the danger from the French 1st Brigade begins a fighting withdrawal from the river as the French begin to cross at the Ford. The French 2nd Brigade follows in support. The French 3rd Brigade goes hesitant. An excellent round of volley fire from the Spanish Militia inflicts 4 casualties and a discipline test on the leading French unit. Return fire inflicts 2 casualties and a discipline test on the militia. Both units end up disordered as a result of their discipline tests.

Spanish Militia engage the advancing French forces

Turn 7

Again, the French won the initiative test and assigned 2 of their 4 available ADCs to the 3rd Brigade to issue them with a “forwards” order. Unfortunately, they remained hesitant. However the 1st Brigade attempted to push home their assault on the Spanish position. A battalion of French Line Infantry charged the Spanish Militia at bayonet point! However, incredibly the Spanish held firm, inflicting a further 4 casualties and another discipline test on the advancing Frenchmen! The resulting charge test meant that neither side advanced or withdrew, but just remained in situ. The Spanish commander, not wishing to push his luck retired his militia a few paces on the movement turn

After the failed French charge, the Spanish fall back whilst the French 2nd Brigade moves forwards

Turn 8

The French position is increasingly desperate as they should be in Ponte Segura by now, but instead are bogged down crossing the river. A good dice roll is needed to renew their momentum.. The French win the initiative roll and get a full compliment of ADCs for the turn. However in almost predictable fashion, the French 1st Brigade become hesitant, despite having 2 ADCs and a total of 3 initiative rolls and choose to just stand in the river. Another highly effective Spanish volley follows, with inevitable results. Four more casualties are inflicted and the French light Infantry battalion is destroyed.

French light Infantry battalion are destroyed

Turn 9

The arrival of Portuguese regulars and cavalry at the rear of the town of Ponte Segura signals the beginning of the end for the French. Their attack on the village has been a disaster and the Spanish commander can hardly believe his luck. The late advance of the 3rd Brigade towards the river cannot hide the fact that this battle has been an obvious French defeat.

French combined Grenadiers advance towards the river
Only to witness the arrival of Portuguese regulars on the table.

I considered advancing the game beyond turn 9, but decided not to do so as the French objectives were clear from the outset, and they were nowhere near achieving those objectives in the required timeframes. I have no other option but to declare the battle as a victory for the Spanish forces.

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  1. Well done James. What a turn up – nice to see the Spanish can hold there own in the face of numbers and French superiority, even if the dice were on their side too.


  2. I’ve been enjoying your batreps, the turn-by-turn style of them. Just a question, are you allowing brigades more than one re-roll in the command phase? In the rules you can only have one brigade attachment posting per brigade/per turn.

    Liked by 1 person

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