AAR – Battle of Ponte Segura 1808 – PART 2

Afternoon all, welcome to part 2 of my solo wargaming – the after action report. I’m just gonna dive right in

Turn 1

The French began by rolling a dice for their initial deployment zone, rolling a 5. The French won the initiative roll and had 3 available ADCs to the Spanish 2. In a game where the key was for the French to get off to the best possible start, they rolled three “ones” meaning their brigade was “hesitant” and unable to move for the turn. Unable to belive his luck, the Spanish General advanced his Infantry to the rivers edge.

The first French Brigade arrives at the battlefield
Due to a disastrous failing in command and control, the French roll three successive one dice, failing to advance
Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, the Spanish General advances to the waters edge, sending skirmishers across the river

Turn 2

The French roll for the arrival of their 2nd brigade and roll a 6, meaning they are unable to get onto the table as the first brigade is in their way. The French win the initiative and have 2 available ADCs who are both tasked with a “forwards” move on the 1st Brigade which will enhance their movement. However, the French had other ideas and rolled another hesitant dice, meaning no advance this turn.

Turn 3

The French roll for their 3rd and final brigade and roll a 1, which means they enter the table on the opposite side to the other two brigades. The Spanish win the initiative roll, but nominate the French to move first. However the French successfully activate all brigades who begin to advance towards the Spanish positions

French 1st and 2nd Brigades begin their advance
French 3rd Brigade begins their advance
Spanish Guerrillas move up to the river

Turn 4

The French win the initiative and obtain 3 out of 4 ADCs, two of which are assigned to the 1st Brigade in order to assign a “forwards” order to increase their movement. Perhaps almost inevitably, they roll a 1, and become hesitant again, which means that the poor 2nd Brigade are stuck behind them. The Spanish inflict the first casualties of the battle, during a skirmish exchange with voltiguers of the reluctant 1st Brigade

First casualties of the battle
Skirmish exchange in the woods
French 3rd Brigade continue their advance

To avoid the post becoming too photo heavy, turns 5 – 8 can be found on the next post – link below


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  1. I’m unfamiliar with these rules, however the ability to fail to move multiple turns seems problematic. I’m not one to modify published rules too often, but if you do enjoy these rules, I’d either cut that crap out or find some other rules where failing to move isn’t a strong possibility. Black Powder has a similar command control silliness that distracts from being able to handle the command.

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