Battle of Ponte Segura 1808 – PART 1

Evening all, this is part 1 of my solo wargaming experiment “Nap-Time” where I attempt to fight a wargame whilst my 18 month old daughter is having her afternoon nap.

As this was a solo game, I wanted to remove as much of the decision making from my own hands as possible, so I asked Wargamers in two facebook groups to pick the scenario from the book “Wargame Scenarios, The Peninsular War 1808-1814” by Jon Sutherland & Diane Canwell

The winning scenario was a “Delaying Action” whereby Spanish and Portuguese forces were required to delay a French advance.

To further remove any unconscious bias from the process, I used the scenario generator in the book to decide on the terrain for the battle, as well as the weather (to add an additional element of chance)

Following a lot of dice rolling, the terrain ended up as shown below, with a river crossing the map, and a swampy area at the bottom of the map – impassible to cavalry and artillery. The weather was “light rain”. The French objective was a small village, which, after consulting Google Maps on the Spanish / Portuguese border I decided would be the village of Ponte Segura.

Map for the Battle of Ponte Segura, the village of Ponte Segura, the French objective is top left

This is an entirely fictional action, even though the town of Ponte Segura is real.

I have attached a PDF below which provides a brief outline of the scenario, as well as the special rules and the orders of battle

The wargames table as seen from the French Perspective. The swampy ground can clearly be seen to the left of the picture
Another view of the terrain from the French deployment area

Some more photos of the terrain and the initial disposition of Spanish and Portuguese forces are shown below

Spanish and Portuguese citizens deployed behind light cover to defend the village
Spanish and Portuguese forces, including border guards and customs men deploy to defend the bridge

PART 2, following tomorrow will include the after action report (AAR) of how the Battle ended, plus plenty more photos

AAR – Battle of Ponte Segura 1808 – PART 2

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