“Nap Time” Solo-Wargaming – office layout

Evening all, firstly please forgive my absence over the past two weeks, but unfortunately real life made some demands of me which meant that I was too busy to update my blog.

However, on the back of real life, covid lockdowns and having to work for a living i’ve decided that i’m going to try and maintain as much of my sanity as possible by starting up some solo-wargaming.

To get the ball rolling, I picked up some cheap pasting tables from the local hardware store, so that I had a table to play on at the weekend in my office

Two table set up showing bases for 6mm units (left) and 18mm units (right)
Another view of the two table set up with one of my Geek Villain battle mats. 6mm Irregular Miniatures nearest the camera

I’ve decided that once the weekend rolls around, i’ll set up and fire out a quick game. I’ve decided on “nap time solo-wargaming” as i’m intending to play once my daughter (and my wife) are having their afternoon nap – I can normally get about 3 hrs a day that way, so over a weekend i’ll have 6 hrs to get a game in

Another view of the table – 6mm figures on the left, 18mm on the right

As you can see, I can easily get 2 of the tables into my office, without much hassle. Having two tables set up gives me a gaming area of approximately 5ft 10 inchest x 3ft 8 inches give or take.

The three table layout with 6mm figures on the table. I have a second Geek Villain battle at but didn’t see the point in putting it out for this set up check

I can also fit 3 tables in the office which is more of a stretch, but do-able as i’ll be solo gaming, and that gives a table approximately 5ft 10 inches x 5ft 7 inches approx.

The three table set up showing bases for 18mm units, in this case for 16 battalions of Infantry and 4 units of cavalry

As you can see, I set up the tables with both 6mm figures and 18mm figures to give me something to work with. The 6mm figures can easily fit 30 battalions / units a side on both sizes of table, whereas with the 18mm, I think I could realistically fit 8-10 battalions of infantry and four units of cavalry on the smaller table, which increases to 16 battalions of infantry on the larger table, which should give me some decent options.

I like to make sure there’s some room for flank attacks and movement, rather than going table edge to table edge.

The first battle i’m planning on refighting (loosely) next weekend will be the Battle of Teixeira in June 1808, to get the ball rolling and familiarise myself with how i’m going to do this moving forwards.

I have various hills etc that I place under the gaming mats. I don’t have a lot of scenery so that is something I’ll need to look at.

For future games, I will put up a poll on my General D’Armee facebook page, and allow you guys to choose.


Let the war begin!

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  1. Looks great James, well done. 6 feet square is a decent playing surface for 6mm or 18mm figures by anyone’s standards, I think.


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