Latest additions to Spanish army and Italian Test figures

Evening all, another quick post this week, due to other commitments.

First up, i’ve added some 3D-printed Spanish Ox Drawn Limber teams designed by Raphael Longbow and available to buy on the link below


His other 3D printed figures can be seen here

I also had time to add some Spanish Skirmishers, this time from AB figures

And last but not least, I found 3 spare french figures in my spares box, from Xan Miniatures. These guys have been sacrificed to test my painting for some Italian Units

I think i’ve concluded after this, that I lack the motivation to do 3 full battalions of Italians in this way, so i’ve decided that I will do maybe 1-2 half stands per battalion mixed in with figures in greatcoats, with the rest of the battalion being made up of my French infantry wearing greatcoats

I hope everyone had a good weekend and I promise I will try to make a start on my British Light Dragoons over the festive period.

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