Stonewall Figures – Painted Cavalry Units only £19.00!

Good evening all. Last blog post this weekend, I promise. Some of you may be aware I have previously purchased painted battalion packs from Stonewall Figures as they are only £19.00 a pack (plus postage) .

You can see the previous figures I’ve purchased below

I needed some more Spanish Cavalry so I decided to check out the Cavalry Packs and ordered some Spanish Hussars, and I have to say that once again I was very pleased.

It’s important to realise that the figures don’t come based, I based these myself, but for £19.00, I was very impressed with what I got.

Now in the interests of fair disclosure, I have to say that I washed the horses in Nuln Oil and highlighted the faces myself, but the rest is how it comes out of the packet.

You get 12 PAINTED mounted figures in the pack for £19.00 or 24 Infantry figures. Guns are £5 for a gun and 4 crew.

As always, comments are welcome. I am looking forward to using these guys on the table in my next Battle!

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