Whilst housebound…

I thought that I would show you my latest unit, militia / civilians from QH Miniatures as nearly the whole world is on lockdown at the moment due to a certain pandemic named after a beverage.

Figures from QH Miniatures based in Spain. Painted by James Fergusson

Should apologise for the lack of a flashy background but my wargames desk is now my office for the immediate future, for an unspecified amount of time..

QH Miniatures.

Fortunately I’ve been able to work from home, although the UK government has just announced this evening that it’ll pay 80% of peoples wages who cannot go to work, which will be a great relief to some families

Painted by James Fergusson

Anyway, more importantly, I need a flag for these guys… so does anyone out there have any unique suggestions? I’ll be at home for the foreseeable so anything is possible!

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  1. Hi James sorry for my delay in spotting this. Hope you and family are still well. These look good as do all your Peninsular troops. Could I suggest for a flag you could Google coats of arms of Spanish cities or provinces and see if there are any you’d like to download and print at flag size. Email me if you need any more advice. Cheers Chris G


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